Who Is The Homeschool Scientist?

Welcome to The Homeschool Scientist! My name is Marci Goodwin and I am your guide.

Am I THE Homeschool Scientist?

Well, I am A homeschool scientist...and so are you and your children. My mission is to assist you in realizing that!

A Little About Me

I have always been interested in nature and science. Growing up, my dad took me on walks through the woods and around our family farm and taught me interesting things about nature.

While at college, I majored in Biology and worked as a Naturalist at a nature center. After college, I worked as a research assistant and a laboratory manager. I loved going to work each day knowing there would be a new problem to be solved and new questions to be asked.

When my husband and I had children, I chose to leave the professional world and come home. My plan was that I would go back to research when they started school. God had other plans.

Our family has been homeschooling for 5 years, now. Homeschooling has become my research career. And I love it!

A Little About The Homeschool Scientist

Home educating parents are a special group. They approach things with a can-do, let’s give it a try attitude. (Maybe not at first, but they get there!) However, the more I talked with home educators, I noticed a slight chink in the armor.

Mention “science” and you can see the glimmer of fear in many an eye. For some reason, they have learned to fear science. That natural curiosity has been stripped from them possibly by a textbook wielding science teacher shoving unpronounceable terms down their throats with no practical application given. (Just a thought.) I want to correct that and make sure it doesn’t happen to their children.

The mission of TheHomeschoolScientist.com is to equip and encourage homeschool parents by taking the fear out of and putting the fun into science education. I want to make you a Homeschool Scientist!

Thanks for stopping by and being a part of The Homeschool Scientist community!

I worked to find the least geeky photo of myself I could! lol!

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