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I have already gushed about my love for the nature unit studies by Shining Dawn Books during Nature Week going on right now at The Homeschool Scientist. I am so excited that Shining Dawn Books and CurrClick have given you an opportunity to win one tonight! The Incredible Creeks unit study looks like so much fun! It is on our science to-do list in a couple weeks.

Just follow the Rafflecopter instructions to enter! Contest ends at midnight EST tonight. Thanks for partying with us!

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  1. 4

    Wendy L says

    I did a creek walk recently with our little co-op! It was amazing how the normally rowdy kids really paid attention to everything around them!

  2. 6


    Mostly, it consists of nature walks and spending time with our Aunt who loves nature. But, that time is limited or we just don’t make the effort like we should.

  3. 8

    JessW says

    We study pretty informally at this point. We go outside and see what there is to see. We draw in nature journals and take notes. Look up what we find etc.

  4. 9


    We go out and just be in it and watch what catches our eye. Love the trip to George Washington Carver’s birthplace and we saw snapping turtles and a park ranger showed us where the bullfrogs hid at.

  5. 12

    Julie C says

    We our outing nature everyday learning- weather permitting of course. My 5 yr old is a nature lover.

  6. 17

    Kristy Tomasello says

    We study nature hands on!! Love to just go out and get into it. We just had some of nature in the house, we watched caterpillars change to butterflies :)

  7. 21


    When we’re outside my 4 year old will ask questions about different things outside and I just answer him! That’s how we’ve been doing it..just using real life activities.

  8. 22

    Barb S. says

    Not really good at this since we live in the big city and have to drive quite a ways to find anything. But I want to be better! (And praying for God to move us to some acreage in the country!)

  9. 28

    Jamie says

    We enjoy using Apologia Science, and Charlotte Mason science/creation for our curriculum. And the main thing is we experience it, hands on, outdoors! :)

  10. 31

    Kali says

    Mainly being out in it, and then looking up answers to our questions! And we do some nature journaling sometimes.

  11. 36

    Martha says

    Most of our nature study is from books. My kids love to explore the backyard, but it is harder to do more than that in an urban area.

  12. 43

    Tricia says

    We study hands-on with nature. We have 10 acres crawling with different animals, birds, insects, etc. We raise our own chickens, gardens, and fruit trees. We also have textbooks we use, but most of our science is propelled by the kids wanting to know more about what they see, hear and feel.

  13. 47

    Heather says

    We spend time outside as much as possible. We watch birds, study plants & flowers – mainly observations at this point – 4 & 6 yrs old. We even raised 11 monarch caterpillars this spring!

  14. 53

    Christina Hester says

    We don’t do anything official. We go to parks or just being outside and when we see something interesting or that we want to know more about we look it up. I know we could def use something more.

  15. 55

    Lara says

    Outside and as up close and personal as we can get, with sketchpads, nature guides and binoculars in tow. We recently found out about NaturExplorers and want to include them in our studies this year.

  16. 68

    Bonnie says

    We get outside, take walks & hikes, get dirty. Riverside can provide so many opportunities: tracks, river/stream ecosystems and vegetation. We then expand on our time outside by expanding on what we learn through art, science, math and english (writing) bringing it all together and really making it stick!

  17. 69


    We study it most by getting out in it. We spend a good part of our day outdoors – often even doing “book work” outside. We are always observing bugs, frogs, birds etc. Sometimes we’ll go on a “treasure hunt” for interesting finds and see what we can learn about them.

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