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Let’s kick the party off with a giveaway geared toward this week’s Nature Week theme at The Homeschool Scientist. I LOVE these folding, laminated Pocket Naturalist Field Guides from Nature’s Workshop Plus. (They, also, have activity books to go along with them, but I haven’t tried them out…yet!)


I bought a couple a while back at their booth at our local homeschool convention. They are lightweight so they are so much better for  stowing in a backpack on the trail. Since these are laminated, if they get wet or dirty, just wipe them off. No harm done!

Nature’s Workshop Plus is The Homeschool Scientist’s recommended vendor for dissection specimens and lab supplies. The quality of their dissection specimens is simply superior to others I have used. 

Enter to win either a Butterflies and Moths Pocket Guide or an Animal Tracks guide by following the Rafflecopter instructions. Thanks for partying with us!

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  1. Kristina Best says:

    We have a couple that we picked up at the library.

  2. We own a few nature books. The kids LOVE them! :)

  3. Jayme C. says:

    We own several nature guides – trees, bugs, birds. :)

  4. No, we don’t…yet =)

  5. We have 4 or 5 and I love them all.

  6. We do not own any nature guide books, yet. We are planning on starting to purchase them for this homeschool year, though :)

  7. Would love to win the Butterflies and Moths Pocket Guide. Thank you for the opportunity.

    • Oops should have clicked the button above. Yes, we have quite a few Peterson Guides and a bookshelf full of nature books. I add to collection by visiting library book sales.

  8. erica sandwall says:

    Yes we do have some nature books.

  9. We have “Field Guide to the Birds” and “Fun With Nature.” :)

  10. Yes, we do! But we could always use more!

  11. This looks awesome and would be perfect for our soon to be nature walks…haven’t done them before!

  12. No, we’re kind of new to homeschooling, so we don’t really have a lot of nature guide books!

  13. We would love a butterflies & moths pocket guide!

  14. Yep! We own several, but are ALWAYS on the look out for more.

  15. No, we don’t own any of these guides, but we have other nature books.

  16. we have several as we do CM nature studies

  17. We actually don’t own any field guides. I believe my MIL does though.

  18. Angelle Tibbets says:

    Yes we have a few!

  19. Anna Burkett says:

    No, our family doesn’t own anything other than Gardening guides. These are exciting though!

  20. Roxanne mclintock says:

    Love this giveaway…we camp a lot and it looks really useful.

  21. Elizabeth Bovender says:

    I am really looking forward to teaching my children about nature…these would be an awesome addition to our every growing stock of supplies for the upcoming year!!!

  22. Susan A. says:

    We own a few nature books but could use more! =)

  23. We own several but I’m in the market for some more good ones that are easy to use for my little guys… preschool and early elementary.

  24. Carrie Loring says:

    I have one son that loves birds so we have a few bird books!

  25. My boys Love to play in the woods around our house! We are doing Park Quest in Maryland this year and the kids are loving learning about the plants and animals!

  26. We love nature studies and would love to add the Butterflies and Moths pocket guide to our collection!

  27. Kristy Tomasello says:

    We have a couple, they are great!

  28. We have a local wildlife one for our province, and an app for birdwatching

  29. We were gifted several old copies of Golden nature guides that have really helped us to identify what we find on our nature walks!

  30. No we do not.

  31. We do have one or two that we take out with us on hikes but I mostly use my Audubon Apps

  32. One Blessed Mamma says:

    We live in Florida, and there is a great series called “Florida’s Fabulous…” that is really handy for regional flora and fauna, but it’s not really the type of thing you take with you on a hike :-).

  33. We have a backyard bird book but that’s it.

  34. We found a vintage copy of The Nature Handbook in my dad’s attic….priceless.

  35. Yes, a neighbor gave us a beautiful table book on Butterflies.

  36. No but I’d love some!!

  37. My kids love nature anything.

  38. Would love to have to have either of these! My daughter loves butterflies and my son loves animals!

  39. Anita Lovell says:

    Love field guides… don’t need to be without several……:)

  40. No, we’re just starting out so we are learning what is all out there.

  41. Emily Nicloy says:

    We have a bird pocket guide and a couple apps on our iPad that we use on field trips. Love them!

  42. Would love to try!

  43. We have several. Too many to list, but my son loves nature study.

  44. Christi B says:

    Quite a few!

  45. Renae Perry says:

    we own lots of nature books, but not many guides like these

  46. No we don’t own any of them :(

  47. We own a few, and there is always room for more!

  48. Desiree Wales says:

    We have one on birds :-) Nature books are really wonderful!!

  49. We do not and I would like to get started with my 6 y/o DD

  50. We own LOTS of nature books!

  51. Yes, we own several, but still looking for something else…with more and better information.

  52. RebeccaC says:

    We have a few.

  53. No, we don’t.

  54. We own a nature atlas, but that’s for nature guides here.

  55. Sara Baase says:

    i want!

  56. We do own several – but can you ever have enough?? 😉

  57. Never done any nature studies

  58. Lawana Schrieffer says:

    We have several from Audobon. They’ve been very helpful when Identifying trees and bushes.

  59. Would love this!

  60. We have one book – Birds of Wisconsin. That’s it – can’t wait to expand our library!

  61. Yes! Our son loves looking through them for fun. We love the “Fun with Nature” books!

  62. we have a wildflower guidebook that has beautiful pictures!

  63. Love these!

  64. Christina says:

    I posted this before but I guess I did it in the wrong spot so I will post here as well. We have never used nature guidebooks. We would LOVE to though.

  65. We own several, and enjoying using them.

  66. We love to use nature guides!

  67. We don’t have any nature books yet but someone gave us a butterfly kit that I look forward to using.

  68. We have a really old one…

  69. Yes, but only a couple. I would definitely love more!

  70. We have a birds field guide that my kids are always using! :-)

  71. We have several, but no pocket guides!

  72. Not yet , we are just starting out (grades K and Pre K)

  73. Kd Blackburn says:

    We have a few! The last one on trees I picked up at our second hand store.

  74. We have some bird books and a (lost) tree book.

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