Back to Homeschool Facebook Party – Science Book Giveaway

This contest will have two winners! One person will receive  Hands-On Ecology and  the other will receive Super Smart Science from Colleen Kessler and Prufrock Press!!


Author, blogger and homeschool mama, Colleen Kessler, and her publisher,  Prufrock Press, are providing these fabulous science resources to help you start your school year off on a great note! Each book is jam-packed with hands-on science projects that are kid-friendly, fun and teach so much.

Just follow the Rafflecopter instructions and you will be entered to win. Contest closes at midnight EST tonight! Thanks for partying with us!

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  1. 8

    JessW says

    Nature study. We can learn about lots of things but just going outside and seeing all the amazing things in our own yard is the best!

  2. 12

    erica sandwall says

    We love being outside and studying things around us. Live in West Virginia, so it surrounds us.

  3. 19

    Elizabeth Bovender says

    We try to grow our own garden every year…but with the heat around here…it doesn’t always work out.

  4. 20


    Anything that causes an explosion, visible chemical reaction or fizzing. It has to be fast acting and funny to watch happen. The girls love it when the sink clogs up and I have to do the old vinegar and baking soda trick. It never gets old to them.

  5. 30

    One Blessed Mamma says

    These look great! We are big on just finding our science inspiration from nature, but these books would help us do some fun indoor activites during our hot summer months!

  6. 33

    Kali says

    Experiments that they get a real kick out of (the first time we showed them the result of mixing vinegar and baking soda, and Dad accidentally sprayed it all over the kitchen, got quite the merry reaction from them 😉 lol)

  7. 39

    Pamela says

    Making carbon dioxide in a jar with baking soda and vinegar and extinguishing a match by putting it in the jar!!!

  8. 44

    Heather says

    at 4 & 6 yrs old we like to play w/ materials & lots of water & ice. Oh – I almost forgot – baking soda & vinegar. Always a favorite!

  9. 49

    Maureen says

    We love to go on biking trips, taking our journal to record our observations on the beauty of the natural world around us.

  10. 56

    Christine Smith says

    We like to to go to the Boonshoft Museum here in Dayton Ohio! We also like watching science videos and shows on Netflix like “How it is Made” and “Howe and Howe Tech”.


  11. 65

    SandyKay Briggs says

    We love anything with engineering activities and creating hands on projects. I would love to have more ideas!!

  12. 68

    Laurie says

    Just yesterday we went outside looking for bugs! Found a grasshopper and put it in a plastic container punched with holes for air using a needle. My son has been observing it throughout the day and asking all sorts of questions! Love it!

  13. 69

    Bonnie says

    Anything that brings wonder into their eyes, a desire to learn more and that “aha” moment when it clicks. Each child has a different one and that is why I cannot pick just one. I am always looking for new activities to excite and teach science!

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