Back To School Science Basket Giveaway

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This week, a group of 35 homeschool bloggers is going to knock your socks off with 35 different back-to-homeschool giveaway baskets! For my part, I am giving away a bunch of great science resources to help kick start your new homeschool year.

back to school basket giveaway


If you win this back to school science basket giveaway, you’ll get:

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  1. Wendy T says:

    This will be our 1st year homeschooling, one 6th grader, and we will be studying Zoology with Apologia.

  2. Crystal Scott says:

    I am a new homeschooler this year so I am still researching to see what I will be using.

  3. As far as science resources go we are studying plenty nature and farm animals at our new home…

  4. I will be incorporating more hands on activities.

  5. Angelique Chelton says:

    I hope to bring more nature materials into my home- have my eye on some leaf identification kits… have also been considering geology… :-)

  6. Amy Osborn says:

    We will be incorporating the computer into our homeschool science this year.

  7. Rachel Hewgill says:

    We’re doing first grade this year, so this is the first year that Science is officially on our curriculum. I’m using Answer’s in Genesis.

  8. What a great idea!!! Thanks for the giveaways

  9. Some fun lapbooks from Currclick!

  10. We will be using elemental science, biology for the logic stage and animal study for the young ones.

  11. Jennifer says:

    This is our first year homeschooling so we are still trying to figure out what we are going to do. So far I have pieced together using the Science Fusion Text/workbook and Science A Closer Look as spines. I have toyed around with using Real Science 4 Kids for unit studies. Along with using fun real books to read and explore topics along with lots of fun hands-on activities and experiments! :)

  12. I would like to include some of the naturExplore books/units. I like a lot of hands on activities.

  13. REAL Science with numerous organic learning opportunities that present themselves!

  14. I am wanting to study the new Chemistry and Physics book from Jeannie Fulbright for my younger two kids. My oldest daughter will be using the Marine Biology from Apologia! :)

  15. Heather Hoog Shoemake says:

    We will be doing Pond Study! Going to study Mini Aquariums

  16. Michelle Kinsley says:

    I would like to get a microscope for this years studies

  17. we are using Apologia Botany for the 1st time this year!

  18. Oh how we live science in our homeschool! These products look so exciting!

  19. We are using Apologia’s Astronomy study this year. Thanks for participating in this giveaway.

  20. Rebecca B says:

    We are excited to work in some Moody Science DVDs!

  21. Laurie Reed says:

    This year we will be using Discovery Education for the first time and are very excited about incorporating it into our curriculum.

  22. We are excited to incorporate some handiwork project supplies. We just started learning to sew, so now were ready to expand on it!

  23. Dena Angeles says:

    Get get to start using a microscope!! So excited!

  24. Now this would be a GREAT win! Science is one of our tough subjects. None of us are too “science-y” and I can never find just the right curriculum.

  25. Sheila C says:

    We are going to be taking a “closer” look at things this year by using a microscope!

  26. Tammy A says:

    Haven’t decided yet, but want to do a lot of hands on things.

  27. We will be using Apologia botany this year. We love Apologia!

  28. we are going to try out Apologia Astronomy this year! praying we enjoy it :)

  29. We are going to need a more structured science curriculum this year. That’s what we’re trying new this year.

  30. We are new so I’m still hunting to find it!

  31. Karen H says:

    We’re trying to be brave and do more hands-on activities.

  32. What a neat basket of science things! Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. Heidi Figueroa says:

    Wow! These books look awesome and would love to try Sassafrass. We’re going to try Nancy Larson this year because I need more experimental learning but it needs to be scheduled out for mom to open and go.

    • Nancy Larson is awesome! I never thought I would like a scheduled/scripted curriculum, but NLS is so well thought out and going “by the book” teaches the students so much more than science. Have fun this year!

  34. April L says:

    I would love a microscope. We’ve looked into it. But they’re pricey ;)

  35. Laura L. says:

    More experiments and hands-on activities.

  36. This is our first year homeschooling. I plan on using Science 2-3 times a week (1 kindergartener). My son is very hand-on and loves science experiments. This is a great giveaway!

  37. Michele says:

    Looks wonderful!

  38. Colleen says:

    My son loves science. Thanks for the give away.

  39. We’re studying zoology with Apologia. I never liked science myself until I started homeschooling. Now it’s my favorite subject. Weird, huh?! (Not really)

  40. Julie Quinn says:

    This will be our first year to HS (1st and 3rd), so everything is new. Still deciding on a Science path to take.

  41. Still deciding that one, but my kids are so full of great questions that we just go and investigate what we are thinking about.

  42. We used Sassafras Science: Zoology last year and I’d love to Sassafras Science: Anatomy this year!

  43. I’m stalking my mailman for ….. Apologia! We’re using Zoology 3 this year!

  44. We are trying out Real-Science-4-Kids Chemistry Pre-Level 1 this year

  45. We will be using books from the Read and Find Out Series

  46. Our new science resource this year is Exploring God’s Creation by the God’s World Series–I’d love to win this basket!

  47. Jill E. says:

    We will be doing a lot of nature studies and hands-on science explorations.

  48. We are going to be trying to incorporate a whole lot more living science books…esp. Thornton Burgess and the like!

  49. Sarah M. says:

    I’m planning on doing a nature study in the spring with my boys who will be 7 and 5. For now, my now 6yo is a mad scientist himself and gobbles up everything science-related.

  50. Christene says:

    I am excited to teach for the first time this fall

  51. We love science! We are planning on doing activities from Backyard Science & lots of hands on learning at the many state parks in our area.

  52. Terra W says:

    I honestly hadn’t planned on anything new this year. This bundle looks like a great incentive to change that!

  53. I have two science-crazy boys at home! This year we are hoping to try out the Sassafrass Science Adventures. We have been using and loving Real Science Odyssey…

  54. We are adding Real Science 4 Kids Chemistry this fall.

  55. We are going to keep science notebooks. One child is studying all the plants we have in our yard and how to care for them. One loves physics and chemistry and she is only 9. She will keep me busy and her dad too coming up with ways to challenge her.

  56. Sara R. says:

    We will be using Handbook of Nature Study this year. A recent move has put us in an ideal location for getting outside for science!

  57. I am new to homeschooling, starting with my rising 3rd grader this fall. I’m not sure what science curriculum we will be using, so I’m spending my summer reading about what’s out there.

  58. leah wall says:

    So far – I’m not settled, but I know that whatever our science curriculum is, it will be new because we’re not doing what we did before :)

  59. We are just getting started with our homeschool adventure and exploring different options for curriculum. These would come in handy!

  60. Just found you and am amazed. one, the giveaways, and two, introducing me to new books/things.

  61. Jessica Woodard says:

    We will be adding more outside/hands on activities to our Science this year…we can’t wait!! What a great basket, sure hope to win!

  62. We’re just getting started for first grade. We’ll be using Real Science Odyssey–Life Level One this year. Plus many, many books about plants, animals, and the human body. Oh, and hoping to do nature studies as well!

  63. I have yet to find a science curriculum I love. We tried Apologia’s elementary series but my children weren’t old enough to grasp many of the things. We may try again, but until then we are working the Well-Trained Mind’s suggestions and really studying the world around us!

  64. Stephanie says:

    Great resources. We could definitely use them in our homeschool.

  65. Jodie C. says:

    We will be taking classes at a nature center, the Audubon Center, and the zoo.

  66. this kit would be such a nice addition to our homeschool! my children are a bit older…but, we are soon to have little ones bless our home from the foster care system. we can’t wait to love on them, but to also begin a rich foundation of early learning into their lives.
    Hope I win!!!
    Blessings, Deanna

  67. Jenna DeMaria says:

    We will be adding Apologia this year.

  68. Teri Knight says:

    This year we are going to start a science lab. The kids had such a fun time with all their experiments last year that we plan on making it a weekly activity this year. Need to stock up on lots of science materials :-)

  69. We’re going to be using Mudpies to Magnets this year.

  70. Kathleen P. says:

    Hopefully we will be adding a microscope to our resources this year.

  71. YahuahsHomeMaker says:

    I love Apologia! But I am looking for some living books and things that will enourage the little scientist in all the kids.

  72. Kimberly R says:

    This will be our first year studying astronomy :)

  73. The kids want to study Apologia’s Zoology: Flying Creatures this year!

  74. Usborne Science Experiments

  75. Brenda T. says:

    We’ll be using Apologia science for the first time this year

  76. Shana R. says:

    We are new to homeschooling so still trying to find a science curriculum. I am leaning towards Apologia Astronomy.

  77. Kristen says:

    Not trying anything new in science this year. We like the Elemental Science products.

  78. Amanda Roach says:

    This is my first year to home school and I don’t have anything picked out yet for science so this would be so helpful.

  79. We are just now getting our school year supplies! My son will be in 2nd grade this year and we’re just so excited!!!!

  80. Haven’t got anything new yet so would love to win this!

  81. We are continuing to work through Apologia’s Zoology.

  82. We are going to use My Father’s World which is more unit study styled. I am hoping to get some great tools, like a telescope and fish tank, too.

  83. We are doing science formally for the first time this year using Elemental Science’s kindergarten program.

  84. Mellissa says:

    We are going to be incorporating some lapbooks and more hands-on science this year. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  85. Yahiliz says:

    This year I am including much more nature studies and Real Science-4-Kids. This is a great basket – thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  86. The insect, frog, and nature tools for sure! And whatever else ends up fitting as we move along…thanks for the give-away! Even if we don’t win anything it sure is nice to check out all of these different blogs to see the different tools used for new homeschoolers like me who aren’t sure where to start!

  87. Love the science activities in this basket. I know that my son would love experimenting and learning.

  88. We will be doing a lot more hands on experiments and with science we will be doing more child led. Whatever he is curious about we will study and experiment with.

  89. Andrea B says:

    I’ll be doing a few experiments using some Usborne books and other books I’ve found at thrift stores.

  90. Apologia Swimming Creatures!!!

  91. We will be studying general science for 8th grade and astronomy for 3rd grade. So excited!!!! Apologia is wonderful!!

  92. Melanie Nicklin says:

    With new baby and survival mode in full swing, we are using a scripted but very in depth curriculum by Connect the Thoughts for both science and history this year.

  93. This looks like a great basket of resources. Thank you!

  94. I WANT to incorporate more experiments this year. Finding them is easy-gathering the materials, depends….

  95. I don’t have any new science items right now, but we’ll be continuing with Noeo Chemistry from last year. My kids are also currently raising tadpoles that they moved from a pond to a tank in our house.

  96. Renee C says:

    I just discovered the Science of Disney DVDs. We love Disney World so I will definitely be incorporating these this year!

  97. Therese B says:

    Apologia human anatomy with notebook!

  98. This basket looks wonderful!

  99. jennifer cervantes says:

    this is our first year homeschooling so we havent found a science curriculum yet,leaning toward astronomy

  100. I’d like to try activities using Borax!

  101. The apologia notebooking books.

  102. Jamie Palau says:

    I’m not sure yet. Depends on finances!

  103. Michele G. says:

    We will be incorporating more hands-on stuff this year for science (science experiments, how & why things work the way they do, cause & effect, etc.)

  104. Courtney says:

    We got two new kits this year that we will be using with our kiddos: one is magnets and the other is circuits. Don’t know who is more excited, this kids or the hubby! :)

  105. Science is tons of fun!

  106. NW Homesteader says:

    anything! web, curriculum, hands on exploration!

  107. I’ll be using more of the Nomad Press science books. LOVE them!!!

  108. Great basket!

  109. We will be using American Girl books and doing some unit studies this year.

  110. We’re going to use Great Science Adventures book about vertebrates.

  111. I’m looking forward to using Magic Schoolbus videos along with experiements and probably Apologia science.

  112. I’m looking for living books for my 3rd and 8th grader. I would love to read the Sassafras twins. I want to find a way for my older daughter to do some dissections-virtual or actual.

  113. we got glow in the dark stars and planets to hang from the ceiling!

  114. Love your site. I just recommended in my top 5 to my hs buddies!

  115. Charissa Rice says:

    We are using the Christian Kids Explore series from Bright Ideas Press with our three kids this year. One is doing biology, another is doing chemistry, and the youngest one is doing earth and space…I see a lot of hands on activities happening this year! :)

  116. We will be using the microscope and telescope this year. We plan on using a lot of experiments too. I have some of the Myth Buster experiment packs. Plus, we will be experimenting with polymers. It will be a hand on fun year.

  117. Jess McCarthy says:

    We are actually trying a lot of new stuff this year- Apologia, microscope, new books, dissections, handheld scope for exploring!!!!

  118. What a fun giveaway! We would have so much fun with this basket! Thanks for the chance to win!

  119. We’ll be doing more experiments this year! So a little more chemistry and physics to enjoy! ;)

  120. We’re excited about using Discovery!

  121. We are using a slide set I bought from Amazon to go with our Apologia!

  122. Karen Freeman says:

    We are a new homeschooling family & will be using The Backyard Scientist.

  123. We have actually already started our new resource for science, it’s Biology for the Logic Stage from Elemental Science :)

  124. I really don’t have a new one. I’m going to continue with Supercharged Science.

  125. Jennifer Garcia-Hicks says:

    Great giveaway!!

  126. Michelle says:

    We plan on doing many science experiments!

  127. We’re using Sonlight Science C, which we’re never used before!

  128. We will be doing a Missouri nature study program this year.

  129. we’re doing more hands on nature science by using the “one small square” books.

  130. We plan to use the new Sassafras series to add to our science studies.

  131. We’re going to start using magnets this year.

  132. Kristen W. says:

    Apologia’s Sea Animals!

  133. Christian Kids Explore Physics from Bright Ideas Press.

  134. mellymomma says:


  135. Christina says:

    The Violin Book

  136. I want to do lots of experiments — have been reseaching …

  137. We are planning a more hands on approach and nature studies when it cools off.

  138. zekesmom10 says:

    Apologia’s anatomy book, this year! Thanks for the chance.

  139. We are going to be using Apologia this year for the first time. We will be studying astronomy.

  140. what a fun giveaway!!

  141. more outdoor study

  142. This is our first year really doing science and I’m using Exploring Creation Astronomy!

  143. I would love to win a basket for my friend with four children who has huge financial challenges and health issues but never gives up.
    I personally use Apologia Science.

  144. Samantha Lehmann says:

    My kids LOVE the Sassafrass Twins!!!!! Please please!!!!!!

  145. Holly C. says:

    This is awesome! Thank you!! So glad to find your blog!

  146. Would like to do more hands on… Thank you!

  147. Sarah W. says:

    We just started homeschooling so we will be researching, using the library and books that we already have. Thank you!

  148. I am looking for some good resources for science. I am excited about this giveaway.

  149. Rachel Anderson says:

    We’re using Sonlight’s Core D science.

  150. This year we are doing a whole new curriculum. We will be using My Fathers World and the science that goes with that. We will also be doing a lot of living books to go along with it, and maybe some notebooking as well.

  151. I am looking forward to exploring your site now that I have found it!

  152. Jennifer H says:


  153. Heather says:

    This year we are going to include a science experiment DVD.

  154. Maleena says:

    Wow! These giveaways look fantastic!! Crossing my fingers hard! We’re using Sonlight htis year, but these would all be great to add to it.

  155. Our science in integrated, so we’ll be using what Weaver Volume 1 has along with read and find out science books, numerous other non fiction science books, fun literature tie-ins, pinterest-found experiments, and The World God Made

  156. We just signed up for our local Classical Conversations Co-Op and I look forward to the science activities we will be doing through them.

  157. Thanks for participating in this giveaway! This year I’m going to take the plunge and make one of those worm composting kits. We’ll be going back to real Science 4 Kids after taking a year off, too, but that doesn’t count as new, does it? My 5th grader will study Physics and the Kindergartener will study–uh–I haven’t figured that part out yet. :) Maybe the pre-level 1 chemistry. Maybe just fun experiments.

  158. Heather Bessman says:

    I’m toying with the idea of getting a good microscope, even though my kids are still pretty young :-)

  159. Michelle says:

    Getting serious about weekly nature walks with nature journals!

  160. Nikki Jackson says:

    We will be trying Answers In Genesis’ Design for Life curriculum or Sassafrass Science.

  161. Bridgett Connell says:

    Looking through things in a microscope

  162. JessicaC says:

    This is my first year to use Heart of Dakota…I’m excited!

  163. Kendra Brimhall says:

    Science is our favorite subject:)

  164. Tara S. says:

    I am actually not sure yet. We will be starting Classical Conversations so I plan to use that as a starting point for science study.

  165. Thank you so much for offering something that is so very useful to so many!

  166. Lisa Cross says:

    More experiments!!

  167. Jemima Hoover says:

    whatever we can come up with to study.

  168. beatrix says:

    just great

  169. We would like to do more hands on experiments and explore the outdoors.

  170. We will be using Apologia Zoology and lots of hands on science activities. Great giveaway!!

  171. Everything is new to us. This will be our first year of homeschooling.

  172. Tammy Jones says:

    We will be using Apologia Botany.

  173. Bethany G says:

    I am the science leader for our homeschool co-op, & this year we’re going to be doing a study of our state, Iowa! There are SO many free resources I will be using to teach this, but my favorite so far has been our DNR website. :)

  174. Melissa says:

    We are going to learn about egypt and use an archeology pyramid dig kit!

  175. Christine says:

    We’re trying Apologia this year.

  176. Becca W says:

    I am planning to add more outside time in our Science this year. And a microscope :)

  177. Bethany says:

    We will be using “Elemental Science- Exploring Science” for my Kindergartner! We are excited as it is a easy intro to Science with LOTS of experiments!! :)

  178. kelly tillotson says:

    growing things! learning resources primary growing kit!

  179. Heather says:

    I’m so excited to add in Goldie Blox & the Spinning Machine for my daughter!

  180. The Jr. Science Kit

  181. We will be doing more unit studies.

  182. Jamie Green says:

    I love all the ideas your site has to offer. My kiddo wants to be a scientist, but I admit it is not my best area, so I’m looking for all the help I can get to foster his love of science. Thanks again!

  183. We will be trying out Elemental Science Biology-Logic Stage. The frog dissection should be interesting!

  184. Christina Lyon says:

    More nature study using The Nature Study Handbook. Also, we’ll start reading Storybook of Science and Madam How and Lady Why. We’re a Charlotte Mason family.

  185. Wonderful giveaway! Thank you.

  186. Sonja A. says:

    We’re starting Classical Conversations this year so their Science is what we’ll be using. I’ve never used it before, so I’m excited to see how it goes. :)

  187. Just starting this year. We are going to use Sonlight.

  188. Chemistry for my teens :)

  189. Mandy Shaw says:

    My boys would love this!

  190. Melissa Pallex says:

    This is our second year homeschooling, and we’ll be using Answers in Genesis God’s Design for Science – Heaven and Earth. We’ll be supplementing (for fun!) with great science experiments from local youth programs and the library.

  191. We are starting Apologia land animals.

  192. Sally A. says:

    First semester biology we’re investing in a microscope and for second semester astronomy we are getting a telescope. The kids are old enough to appreciate and care for them. So excited!

  193. We will be using workbooks this year.

  194. Stephanie Brewer says:

    It’s our first year homeschooling, so it’s all new to us.

  195. My boys would be so excited to win this! They LOVE science!

  196. Roxanna Alcantra says:

    Haven’t decided yet, but definitely hands-on activities.

  197. We are going to be more hands-on this year starting with our new microscope.

  198. Alicia Winkler says:

    We are trying Truth in Science this year.

  199. StephJem P says:

    Apologia Physical Science with the notebook and Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space!

  200. Awesome!! I’m just starting to gather material to homeschool my daughter!

  201. We are using the Young Explorer Series and trying to explore more experiments.

  202. We’ll use Young Scientist kits and Janice van Cleave books.

  203. We will continue doing what we did last year, lots of hands on learning outside and kitchen experiments (my kids are 4, 2, and 1). I think we will add a microscope to our homeschool this year though!

  204. Melissa says:

    It’s not a new resource, in fact it’s millions of years old… we will be doing nature studies in all 4 seasons of the world around us.

  205. Ashley B says:

    I purchased a new to us kindergarten kitchen science book for $1 on a local yard sale Facebook site.

  206. Charlene says:

    We will be adding Our Animal Friends from Queen as well as a number of DK and other books on space flight (One wants to study animals and the other space!)

  207. This is our first year homeschooling so I’m not completely sure yet but my plan is to use a Montessori approach to zoology and lots of fun hands-on science experiments.

  208. I’m hoping to do a number of experiments from a Benjamin Franklin experiment book I’ve been carrying around…

  209. tammy c says:

    this is all up in the air what I am going to teach it is my first year.

  210. Answers in Genesis Science.

  211. We just started Nancy Larsen Science.

  212. Using Usborne this year but always looking for more ways to teach science.

  213. This will be our first year homeschooling, with a kindergartner, and we will be using an eclectic variety of science curriculum and books. Thank you for the opportunity to win this amazing giveaway!

  214. Just what I was wanting for my science lessons this fall….

  215. I’ve been looking for a good science curriculum for my 6 year old, and her little brother and sister too, but haven’t found anything that I am set on yet. This would be a great basket!

  216. Julia M. says:

    We will be doing life science.

  217. the newest choice is MathUSee. Very excited

  218. I am trying Christian kids explore….this is our first time homeschooling.

  219. RaeAnne says:

    Building Foundations for Scientific Understanding!

  220. Belinda Hardesty says:

    We’re going to put the in-law kitchen in our new place to use by doing more messy science experiments!

  221. Christine says:

    I plan to bring the microscope out and teach my 1st and 3rd grader how to use it.

  222. I am going to do Nancy Larson this year. We are going to do Memoria Press Insects

  223. First year homeschooling…Astronomy & nature studies this year through Trail Guides to Learning. Hoping to supplement with add’l texts and possibly draw in the preschool-aged son as much as possible.

  224. Monica Street says:

    Since my children are preschoolers we are going to incorporate a lot of household items to conduct “experiments”…lots of fun stuff to get them excited about science! Thanks for the giveaway!

  225. Maureen says:

    My children are excited to be using a good microscope in our science class this year!

  226. Stephanie says:

    We will be using Interactive Science from Pearson this year for 5th grade.

  227. One of our new resources will be Ellen J. McHenry’s “TheElements.”

  228. Science is always greta!

  229. Kristi Wold says:

    This year we are adding the Max Axiom, Super Scientist books. Fun and informative, my son loves them!

  230. Melissa says:

    Love, love, love the items in this giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  231. This would be our first official year of homeschool now that my son is 6 but we’ve been doing science experiments for years. We don’t have any formal curriculum planned for his first year.

  232. Kristina says:

    We will be using Apologia Swimming Creatures this year.

  233. My girls LOVE science! I would love to win this. Thank you for the giveaway.

  234. I don’t know yet. We haven’t had a chance to take a break yet this summer so I haven’t had a chance to think about school yet. I think I may try a new method with my son since we haven’t been having much luck with our usual. He’s so different from my girls.

  235. definitely more of the naturexplorer units!

  236. Holly Brown says:

    I love Apologia science curriculum so we will be incorporating the creation books

  237. Outside nature walks and nature books from the library

  238. I’m still trying to decide. ;(

  239. I am honestly having a hard time deciding on what we want to use this year for science.

  240. I am still looking for resources for studying plants this year.

  241. Christine says:

    This is great!

  242. Katherine says:

    Still looking at a few things but I love Apologia and possibly a nature study.
    Thanks for the great giveaway :)

  243. We added this year 365 days of nature. I love it b/c the kids get up in the morning excited to know what we are going to dig into next. It shows them that they should not take the world around them for granted and that every corner of the yard or house can become a science investigation!!

  244. Angela S says:

    Well, it’s not entirely new, because I did it this year too. But I plan to gather science experiment supplies and store them in a specific cabinet in my kitchen so that it is all there when it is time to do experiments.

  245. Rocks, minerals, fossils & magnets.

  246. Angela Robbins says:

    An assortment of things I have found on pinterest :)

  247. Jessica A. says:

    I’m not sure yet…..I’m looking into doing a lot of hands on experiments with my little one and reading a lot of Science books with him!

  248. We’ll be using My Father’s World this year and they use Apologia textbooks.

  249. The new thing we are incorporating this year is owl pellets for dissection. (So excited–really.) I think it will be really cool. :)

  250. We’re only beginning to Tot school my soon-to-be 3 yr old, so I’m planning to do water-related sensory activities and grow a small garden!

  251. We will be trying out REAL Science Odyssey and Anna Comstock’s book for Nature Study.

  252. kim canlas says:

    We’re using magic school bus and a cut and paste workbook, lots of library books, and…and anything else I can get

  253. Melissa C says:

    We’re using Apologia for the first time this year.

  254. We will be trying out some of the science units from the Center for Gifted Education at the College of William & Mary!

  255. Kelly H says:

    We used a kit this year, which we have never done before. My son asks to do science every day.

  256. Michelle S says:

    Online Spanish classes! Thanks for the chance!!!

  257. Sarah Evener says:

    I am not sure yet what we will be using. I am new to homeschooling and I have 6 boys ages 4-16. We are very hands on and love to experiment.

  258. Leah Williams says:

    I’m still figuring out what we will be doing for science this year ;-)

  259. I plan to incorporate more nature study!

  260. Denise DePietro says:

    My husband! :) (He has a degree in physics.) This looks like a fun Basket! Thanks for the chance to win!

  261. Emily R says:

    We are using unit studies and taking a more delight directed approach to science this year. Really looking forward to it!

  262. joann calderone says:

    Our 4 yr. old loves science so we will be exploring her interests. Would love to get her a microscope.

  263. We will be trying nature study, typing and sewing this year for the first time.

  264. Carol Graft says:

    What a great giveaway!!
    Love Science at our house.
    But alas i’m still trying to plan out our year. Thinking i will add some lapbooks this year. And finally collect all that I need for apologia experiments. One daughter wants to do zoology. We’ve hatched painted ladies this summer, may order another batch.

  265. Heather Kraft says:

    I don’t know if this really qualifies as “new”, but I am re-learning to utilize the library. I have an almost 8 year old who LOVES anything nonfiction. We hit the library at least once a week and she finds all the books she can about…whatever…this week it happened to be snakes. Then she reads and reads and reads and we return them. NO CLUTTER and NO COST (assuming they all make it back to the library on time!)

    Thanks for hosting a giveaway. I am starting to get excited about the upcoming school year. Now, for that excitement to trickle down to the children!

  266. Elizabeth Truett says:

    My son loves to make concoctions, so we will be doing lots of mixing!

  267. thank you for the great giveaway

  268. I just ordered Pop Bottle Science and Potato Chip Science thru Educents-my son is excited!

  269. hopefully these! it’s my first year!

  270. We’re trying to do more of labs this year.

  271. Jessica D says:

    It is our first year homeschooling so we are still looking for a science curriculum we like.

  272. We will be using Real Science 4 Kids elemantry level Astronomy and Biology this year.

  273. I am hoping to incorporate more field trips to the zoo and such and more experiments at home! Thanks for the chance to win this great basket! God bless!!

  274. MCT

  275. Sabrina L says:

    I would like to get a microscope for this years studies

  276. CTroyer says:

    I’ve asked each child (four of them) to pick one are they would like to learn about. I’m going to turn each one into a unit study for the whole family.

  277. Homeschooling high school this year and trying out Friendly Chemistry.

  278. RejoicedOver says:

    We are using Sonlight for the first time.

  279. We are trying Science for High School Chemistry

  280. Karolyn Shadrick says:

    Thanks for the Giveaways!

  281. This year we are using Considering God’s Creation

  282. Jessica Gregory says:

    I haven’t made up my mind yet, but we are thinking about using Academy of Science for Kids. Thanks for the giveaway!

  283. Carol Z says:

    The Periodic Table!

  284. Keisha Forbes says:

    We are doing more nature studies using living books. Lots of hands on and observations and hopefully some new animal friends.

  285. We would definitely like to incorporate more hands on activities this year and would like to try Apologia for the first time.

  286. Manuela says:

    My 6 year old loves science, this would be great for her.

  287. We are studying magnets with a magnet kit and circuits with circuit jr.

  288. First year of officially adding science to our homeschooling this year!

  289. Stephanie Dobbins says:

    We will be studying Apologia Botany this year, so we will be going on hikes and nature walks!!

  290. I will have a 5th grader and a K this year we will be using lots of different books and models to study human anatomy and physiology

  291. I am looking forward to using more experiments with kits for my 1st grader. Lego robotics stuff.

  292. This year we hope to get a microscope and slides.

  293. We will be using Elemental Science for the first time this year. Even bought a microscope. So excited!

  294. I haven’t decided what science program or mix of we will use yet, my oldest is just going into Kindergarten so something fun and simple would be best.

  295. we bought the kids a microscope and a telescope and several small science project kits.. My kids are really intohands on activities.

  296. One will be doing rocks and minerals and the other will be studying birds of our state.

  297. I hope to be incorporating much more hands on activities this year. I will have a 3rd grader and a 9th grader. We will be using mostly ABeka.

  298. I have some kits left over from last year (Young Scientists Club) that we will begin the year with. After that, I’m thinking Apologia, but haven’t decided on anything as of yet.

  299. I would love to win this for my homeschooling family!!

  300. We will be using Elemental Science Classic Biology along with the lab/supply kit. In addition to that, we will incorporate the Elemental Science lapbooking bundle along with the periodic table and astronomy. We’ll also be doing nature studies, Snap Circuits, and many other fun activities.

  301. A frog dissection app on the iPad

  302. My oldest will be studying anatomy & physiology for the first 2 terms but we’ve decided to do something new & explore the lives & accomplishments of various great scientists through time for her last term. Biographies, videos, & experiments galore!
    My youngest & I are tackling weather, nature, & animals this year. 1st grade so we’re keeping it lively & interesting.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  303. We are starting the Apologia elementary Astronomy this year. I think he’s going to love it!

  304. THe world God made and fun science that teaches Gods word

  305. Want to do more hands on.

  306. Tiffany T says:

    This is our first official year homeschooling. I’m so excited to start this adventure. Lots of unit studies and lap books for us.

  307. Trying Elemental Science for the first time this Fall – Earth Science and Astronomy for the Grammar Stage. Looking forward to it!

  308. I am new to homeschooling to grades 2 and K…and I’m not sure what I’ll be using for science (or anything else yet…) There are so many choices!!!

  309. danielle says:

    Right now I am incorporating more child-led topics into our science instead of just what I think they should learn at their ages.

  310. Exploring God’s Creation Book 3 by Christian Liberty Press! I’m very impressed at the fact that it is SO hands on! A couple of at home, practical experiments a week!

  311. Heather Russell says:

    My kids would have a ball with this!

  312. I purchased some see-through acrylic blocks with real animals and insects in them from Lakeshore Learning–my son, who is an avid animal lover, can’t wait to study the life cycle of a frog using some of these blocks!

  313. Alisha b says:

    For the younger kids I found a unit study to go along with the magic school bus dvds I got them. For my older son I picked up a nice hands on science kit to learn about how your body works together.

  314. Sarah L says:

    We will be starting nature study notebooks with my pre-k and K this year. We are very excited!

  315. We will be starting the AIG God’s Design for Science series this year.

  316. A lab book

  317. We will be studying astronomy this year :) this looks like a fun set to win :)

  318. I am not sure what we are doing in the Fall. I will be teaching Pre K and 1st to my 2 girls. Hoping to find something fun and exciting. :)

  319. Sarah MK says:

    We’ll be using telescopes and microscopes this year!

  320. We’re planning on using RSO Life Science curriculum this year. I’m not sure who’s more excited! Thank you for the fantastic giveaway!

  321. This would be great. My son is 5 and already doing 1st grade work. He LOVES science and math.

  322. More hands on things.

  323. Megan Z says:

    I just purchased one of your rock kits and we are using that!

  324. My kids would enjoy this so much!

  325. Tamera Boyd says:

    Would love this set, it looks like a lot of fun!

  326. Rebekah says:

    I was hoping to incorporate The Sassafras Adventures along with Considering God’s Creation and animal studies with our Galloping the Globe year.

  327. Kate E. says:

    This is my first year homeschooling two kids and I’m kind of nervous. We’re using Singapore math now, which is new for us.

  328. Great basket

  329. We’re using the 4th grade material through My Father’s World, but in the future, I’d like to look into Apologia. It looks so interesting and I’ve heard so many great things about it! :)

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter such a fantastic give away!
    Blessings ~

  330. Lesley M. says:

    Spending as much time as possible outside using nature as our science!

  331. Classical Conversations

  332. DeAnna Loibl says:

    This is our first year. So we will be doing 100 science experiments from Usborne and taking a class at the Co-op.

  333. MIssy Gould says:

    Will have a 4th and 6th grader this year and science is my favorite!!!

  334. Catherine says:

    We are going to be using Sonlight science level D, and it uses Lyrical Life science as a supplement to the program. I’m really excited to sing some science facts this year. This set would be awesome for supplementing our program.

  335. We’ll be using Apologia Astronomy! I am excited!

  336. Tiffany M says:

    NOEO Science

  337. I’m not sure if we’ll be adding any new science this year (I’ll be doing pre-K this year!).

  338. my fathers world 1st grade curriculum!

  339. Tracy O. says:

    I haven’t completely settled on science this year, my oldest students will be doing Apologia but I am not sure about my younger ones yet.

  340. I will be using Usborne Books. I am also looking into the science curriculum by Answers in Genesis.

  341. Kristine says:

    Hopefully we’ll be using these books and supplies in the fall! I am hoping to start some nature walks.

  342. What new homeschool science resource will you be incorporating into your studies this year?
    -This is our first year of homeschool, so it will all be new to us!!

  343. Marlene C. says:

    This year I am planning to get started with Nature Journaling. I have always wanted to do that but this will be the year!

  344. Cari Britt says:

    We’ll be using Apologia for the first time.

  345. Apologia Biology will be new for us this year.

  346. Everything will be new this year, because it is our first. I was thinking of reading my preschooler BigBackyard (thats what my mom did)

  347. we plan on buying a microscope!

  348. You have some of the greatest giveaways! This is an amazing collection!

  349. almost anything would be new since we didn’t get to do a whole lot last year. This would help immensely!

  350. Kelly Wooten says:

    Great Giveaway!!

  351. Kelly Wooten says:

    We will be incorporating Easy Peasy this year! Very excited!!

  352. This will be our first year homeschooling and we are using My Father’s World ECC and First Grade. Would love to win and be able to explore some other options. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  353. We will use discovery education and discovery projects .

  354. Cathy S. says:

    Janice VanCleaves’ books.

  355. Michelle W. says:

    “101 Days of Creation”

  356. Rachael Acker says:

    Thanks! This is great!

  357. Stephanie Branch says:

    We will be doing nature study for the first time this year.

  358. Judith Martinez says:

    I’m going to be using a unit study by Felice Gerwitz.

  359. We will start Apologia in a month after a friend of mine told me about it. Looking forward to it.
    Thank you for the opportunity here. Blessings

  360. Merry Jo says:

    This is our first year, so everything’s new! :)

  361. Kelly Schmidt says:

    We are doing Anatomy this year. So we are actually going to do some pretty fun stuff, like make a cell out of Jello and make a model of a human skull.

  362. Science is much loved around our house! This looks like a fun giveaway just for that!

  363. Ashley Hoopes says:

    I am going to be using Sonlight Core B science.

  364. Jennie t says:

    We will be looking into the body this year with books and lots of hands on things!

  365. We will be doing an online class for science this year.

  366. Michelle Drake says:

    I want to incorporate more living books into our year! :-)

  367. Priness says:

    Explorabox….Hands-On Science!

  368. Em Walker says:

    We’re going to try out a whole bunch of new things for Science this year. My son is a big “Science Geek” and so while he loves all things science, he also loves a lot of hands on things. So, we’re still searching for things on a limited budget.

    • How old is your son? For most ages, you can utilize experiment books from the library and go from there. Find the experiments you want to do and then grab some books on the subject for deeper study. The only cost to you is the experiment materials! Look for books by Janice Van Cleave. She uses mostly things you already have around the house. Hope that helps!

  369. Kathleen says:

    We will be using STEM. Not sure what aspects are appropriate for K-3. No new books for kids, so all hints are welcome. Thank you!!!

  370. Stefanie M says:

    I would really like to get a telescope this year.

  371. Angela Renaud says:

    We are first year homeschoolers and we are doing Apologia this year. I’m really excited!

  372. Tracey M. says:

    We will be using Apologia Astronomy and Zoology 1 (Flying Creatures) this year along with Simple Schooling (Classic Nature Study). I also have several lapbooks that correlate with the studies. I look forward to doing more science this year. I am a little nervous that the Apologia books will be too advanced for my daughter. We’ll find out. If so, then I will need to change plans.

  373. More unit studies.

  374. We’ll be trying Considering God’s Creation for son #3 this year.

  375. Kristin Baxter says:

    I’m still on the hunt for science resources this year for my 6th grader and my preschooler. Aarrgghh!

  376. Amanda Burt says:

    We will be taking on Nancy Larson Science for the first time this year.

  377. Sarah walker says:

    How cool!

  378. We are planning to use AIG Elementary science curriculum. Thanks for the giveaway!

  379. Some dvd’s & lots of Nature study

  380. Veronica says:

    This is actually the first year that I have a science plan. I’m pulling from several different sources and we’ll begin by studying the human body the first half of the year. Then we’ll move to machines and then weather.

  381. This looks great!! We will be adding the Apologia series for younger children.

  382. More hands on: experiments, etc.

  383. Neat giveaways!

  384. chianachemistryc says:

    Real science for kids chemistry

  385. We are continuing with our My Father’s World K curriculum, so we will be doing our science through that, plus some Kitchen science.


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