Backyard Nature Studies


We have spent many field trips at our local nature preserve. These beautiful trails wind along paths to offer many opportunities to view God’s beauty.

But there are often times I miss the little chances to teach a nature study because I am in a rush to make it to the big “field trip”.

A field trip can happen in your backyard when you spot: cardinals nesting, wild bunnies snacking, bees making a hive, ants parading back to their hill, snakes slithering by, woodpeckers hammering, or even a mushroom growing among a backyard tree.

I have come to appreciate the retention pond across the street in our neighborhood. What many neighbors seem to ignore as they zip by in a rush – we utilize. Often times we carry over a snack, sketch pads, field guides, and discuss nature!

Life cycles, seasons, camouflage, food chains, tree rubbings, bug identification, flower dissection … it can happen close to home if we take the time to be intentional with our surroundings.

Some of our best nature studies didn’t happen with a zoo membership but rather right outside our backdoor.

Tips! Enjoy a nature study and don’t forget: sunscreen, bug spray, ziplock bags (for treasure), field guides or a resources book, paper & pencils to sketch.

Print this Animal / Nature Scavenger Hunt for fun!

What has been your favorite “backyard nature” lesson?


Stef is wife to Thad and mom to two creative boys. They spend their days homeschooling year round in Florida. You can find her blogging at Educating Laytons .






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    I think my favourite thing about going outside is that even if it’s just the back yard, we never see exactly the same things twice. I love to get outside.

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    Our best nature studies tend to be the unplanned “backyard” studies, too! There’s just something about slowing down to enjoy the discovery that brings about the best observations — and memories!


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