January Science Calendar

January Science Calendar - fun science and just for fun events to observe during the month of January - TheHomeschoolScientist.com


UPDATE:: Evidently the original links pointed to a jpg and not a PDF file. So sorry. I have corrected the links and they are to the January Science Calendar PDF.

January can be a long, cold month for many homeschoolers in colder climates. It can be just as long for those in the warmer climates coming off the high of Christmas. January is notorious for being a bit boring.

The January Science Calendar was created to get us all through those days with a little fun and variety. I know my kids appreciate having something new to look forward to each day.

january calendar image

Each day is linked to an observed holiday, fun day or important day in science history. Use these days as a starting point to do a little extra study, a fun science experiment, create a new art project, read a new book, watch a video, or any other fun activity that is inspired by the theme of the day.

Download your PDF copy  and, hopefully, this January Science Calendar will get you through those long winter days with a little fun!


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