KidScience App Giveaway!!!

One of my favorite websites for kids’ science activities is The Kitchen Pantry Scientist. When I heard that Liz was getting ready to launch a science experiment app, I have to admit that my geeky little heart skipped a beat. I’ve been waiting patiently and… it is!!!

The KidScience premium app is now available for the ipod and ipad. This app organizes experiments by ages, area of science, time and what you have on hand. It is so easy to use! Just yesterday, the temps were blazing outside and the kids were getting bored inside. I broke out the ipod and opened up KidScience. The kids quickly found an experiment they wanted to try out. Afternoon saved!

creating a polymer with borax and glue

KidScience not only gives an ingredient list and what to expect, it gives information on the science behind the experiment. The photos section for each experiment is very helpful and the videos are great. Liz tells me more experiments and videos are on the way!

You can download the premium KidScience app from the itunes app store for just $4.99. A free version will be coming soon, it will contain all the same experiments as the premium version, but the free version will include only 3 free videos with additional videos available for purchase. Or, you can win a copy of the premium KidScience app!!

Answer the question on the Rafflecopter form and you are entered to win! There are also ways to earn additional entries. This contest will close Thursday June 21st at midnight and the winner will be announced on Friday June 22nd.

Save your summer with the KidScience app!!!

 (If you are viewing this via email or RSS feed you’ll need to click through to The Homeschool Scientist site to enter.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


    • 3

      Marci says

      These are super easy experiments with stuff you probably have at home. We are really enjoying the app!

  1. 5

    JIll P. says

    We loved the vinegar and baking soda experiment. We placed a funnel over the top and it blew up to about 3 feet in the air!

  2. 6

    Christina P says

    The only science experiments we’ve done so far have been color mixing activities. Looking forward to this app and all the experiments that await us!

  3. 11

    Mark says

    Making a volcano – we’re creating the papier mache form now, and will make it explode early next week!

  4. 14


    A recent favorite was timing how fast Hershey kisses melted depending on what type of metal rods they were impaled with – the rods were partially immersed in hot water. Copper won hands down! :)

    • 16

      Marci says

      Other versions are planned, but the timeline hasn’t been released yet. I’ll let you know when the android app is available!

  5. 17

    DeAnna D says

    Can you say wether this app is Android compatible? I don’t have an ipad and don’t use itunes either. I do have an android and my children use it. Our favorite experiments include the baking soda and vinegar and anything involving a blow up or explosion by chemical reaction.

    • 18

      Marci says

      The app is just for the ipod and ipad at the present time. Other versions are planned, but the timeline hasn’t been released yet.

  6. 20

    Angelle Tibbets says

    We love to take film canisters with Alka-seltser and water to see how high they will go. another favorite was soaking an egg in vinegar overnight and peeling the shell off!!

  7. 22

    Jamie says

    The most recent thing we did was blowing Peeps up in the microwave and shooting off rockets in the backyard. My kids love science experiments!

  8. 25


    Well science is going to be exciting this year! We are doing chemistry and I can’t wait to blow somethings up :) My kids favorite is mentor and diet soda. They want to freeze them in an ice cube and see how long it takes for a drink to react.


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