Make A Habitat Map

Our second grader has been studying human development with Nancy Larson Science. He has learned about the various stages we all go through from an infant to adult. Last week, we transitioned from studying humans to studying the world around us. Nancy Larson Science had a great plan for this transition – make a habitat map.


Here’s the plan-

  1. Draw your neighborhood – just your streets and a couple surrounding – on a poster board.
  2. Show your child where their house is as a reference point.
  3. Have your child draw in your house.
  4. Let the child determine where any neighbors’ or friends’ houses would be and draw them in.
  5. If  you have any creeks, ponds or interesting features in your neighborhood, have your child draw them in.

After drawing our map, we discussed what plants and animals live in our neighborhood. We took a walk and took some pictures, made some notes and discussed the different animals we have seen in our neighborhood in the past.

When we returned home, my son drew a few of the plants and animals we saw or discussed. I am keeping these drawings in our science binder. Next week, we will start to learn about those plants in our Nancy Larson Science studies. Can’t wait!



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