My Back To School Organizing Plan

This week has been a week of homeschool planning and organizing. Well, more planning to organize than actual organizing at this point. I have finally nailed down our curriculum for the upcoming school year. It is all in my possession. Now, I have to figure out what extra supplies we need, how we are going to store it all and some sort of a schedule.

My Plan

Scheduling – I’m starting by using this homeschool planner from Homeschool Creations for our schedule. We used it last year with great success. It was easy to use and I could reprint pages I screwed up on. It happens. Note to self: never schedule in ink.

Supplies – School supplies are out and cheap right now. I usually write down what I need to start each subject and then double it when I get to the store. That way, I won’t run out of notebooks or glue in March and have to pay 5 times as much.

Storage – As far as where to store all my new curriculum as well as the books and supplies we’ve accumulated, that is in progress. We have an office/loft space that needs to be redone. We need less desk space and more shelf space. I wrote this blog post over at The Creative Mama earlier in the week about my options. Maybe you can help me with it.

Your Plan

Have you made your plan for the upcoming school year? Do you have your curriculum chosen yet? Is it ordered? 


Next week, I’ll be sharing some things to think about when choosing a science curriculum and additional science resources you may want to add to your current science study.



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    I love your idea about doubling the supply list. It kills me to spend $$$ for supplies after the back-to-school sales have ended.

    Our curriculum has arrived and I’m in the process of creating schedules. (Okay, if you want to get picky about it, I’m avoiding that part by playing online. Progress is being made, albeit slowly.) I am desperately searching for one last book, but I may have to give up and order a replacement.


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