Nature Week Kick Off!

Welcome to Nature Week here at The Homeschool Scientist! There are so many fun things planned for you! We’ll have reviews, giveaways, guest posts, nature information and inspiration and a back to school facebook party thrown in on Thursday, August 2nd just for fun!

Let’s kick it off with a fabulous science resource that I am so anxious to share with you!

This is the Discovery Scope. It is a simple, yet amazing hand held, wide field microscope that is perfect for nature discovery. The special clear boxes and holders included with the scope make viewing insects and water easy. We have used the Discovery Scope for viewing flowers, pond water, seeds, spiders, dirt and more. It’s small enough that I can put it in my purse or backpack, but powerful enough that I can see pollen on flowers.

At first, I was very gentle with the Discovery Scope. I didn’t want to break it. I’m used to delicate¬†microscopes and other¬†instruments. The makers of the Discovery Scope assured me that it was very durable and great for kids. I wasn’t so sure. After seeing my kids fight over it, drop it in the water and drop it to the ground while viewing a spider, I now see how strong this little scope really is!

The makers of the Discovery Scope were kind enough to sponsor Nature Week and send us a scope to try out. We really appreicate them teaming up with The Homeschool Scientist to bring you great science resources.

Throughout the week, you’ll see a variety of nature study ideas. All of which can use the Discovery Scope. Stay tuned for more great Nature Week science!

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