Science For Moms Who Don’t Like Science – Enter To Win!!

I love science and really enjoy teaching science to my kids. I realize that not everyone does. That is the whole reason I started The Homeschool Scientist. It is my goal to give homeschool parents the encouragement and tools they need to make science fun for them and their kids.

In reviewing past posts, I realized that most information from The Homeschool Scientist is coming from science lovers like myself, with the exception of this great experiment post from Jennifer Janes – a science-lover-in-the-making. (I hope!) There is definitely a need to hear from homeschool parents who are overcoming their lack of excitement about science.

Kendra Fletcher from Preschoolers And Peace has a talk available for audio download that she gave at a homeschool convention entitled Science For Moms Who Don’t Like Science”It is full of great info and inspiration from the point of view a mom who is not a fan of science.  You can get it at this link for just $3. To accompany her audio download, she has compiled a free PDF list of the science resources she mentions in the audio.

If you are apprehensive about teaching science to your kids, allow Kendra to encourage you! I really want you to hear this audio! Kendra wants you to hear it, too. She is offering a FREE download of Science For Moms Who Don’t Like Science” to a The Homeschool Scientist reader!!  Thanks to Kendra for making this available.

Go enter now!! This contest closes at midnight Thursday, September 13th, 2012.

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  1. Amanda Huss says:

    I love science. Both my husband (a chemist) and I (a biologist) really enjoy running experiments with our kids.

  2. Growing up Science was not my favorite subject. But because of my son’s love of Science I can say that I have become very interested in Science once again :) I love the fact that I am learning along side of him.

  3. Science has not been my favorite. It is growing on me, though!

  4. I always thought I hated science~ until I got to college and had to take an honors course in genetics. It was fascinating! Then my Experimental Psychology and Physical Psychology courses sealed the deal. I like science. :)

  5. Sarah Keery says:

    Slowly but surely I’m becoming a convert – didn’t have too many positive experiences from my schooling so hoping to improve on that.

  6. I love science but sometimes I am horrible at planning experiments

  7. I like science but at a loss at how to teach it! always looking for help and the ‘perfect’ curriculum. haha! 😉

  8. This is my first year if homeschooling. My son loves science, ans my curriculum.spent have enough for him. I would love to haves something that would excite him and me also!

  9. Just starting out so my K and preK and need any help we can get as beginner scientists!

  10. Noelle Rafferty says:

    I like science but I don’t know much. My son loves science and just soaks it up I want him to be able to keep going.

  11. We have the hardest time getting to Science. I also can’t seem to find one my youngest likes and will do. Sad, no??? : )

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