Science Resource Deals

Master Books is offering a great deal on some of their science resources that I think you will love.

The World of Animals and The World of Science books are amazing resources for your homeschool science studies. These books are usually $24.99 each, but right now you can get them both for only $31.99!! We love these books!

Another favorite science resource of our is the Awesome Science DVD series. You can read my review HERE. Our whole family has learned so much about earth science from these videos and they have sparked curiosity in the kids to do more research. Individually, these videos are $14.99, but you can get 3 DVDs plus 3 study guides for only $39.99.

The Natural Science Series for Upper Elementary Students  can be used as a stand alone science curriculum or as a supplement to your current curriculum. This series contains the text, teacher’s guide and student journal for the study of Earth, Forces and Motion, Matter, and Energy – all for only $35.99. We have used these as a supplement and for fun science in the summer. Each lesson comes with a science experiment and explanations in a way students can understand, not just memorize.

All Master Books resources present science from a Biblical worldview.

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