Muscular System Lesson Resources

Muscular system lesson resources -


Welcome to our study with Apologia’s Human Anatomy and Physiology. Today, we are on lesson 3 – the muscular system. No matter what curriculum you are using these muscular system lesson resources can be a big help to you!

Notebooking Journal

This lesson had lots of muscle related terms to remember and that’s where the notebooking journal came in handy. My daughter is sharing in the video below how she used a couple pages of the Apologia Notebooking Journal, in particular, to help memorize all those new terms.

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Muscular System Lesson Resources From Around The Web

Here are some extra muscle resources we have found helpful so far in our Apologia Anatomy and Physiology study:

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Experimenting With Flexibility – The Homeschool Scientist – interactive lesson on muscles and bones

University of Minnesota – Web Anatomy muscle name self test – interactive muscle lesson – interactive muscle diagram

Anatomy Notebooking Pages –

One of my kids’ favorite science resources – The Magic School Bus

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Anatomy Resources On Pinterest

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This is part of the Science Saturday series where we partnered with to share our journey through Apologia’s Anatomy and Physiology. Don’t forget to check out for downloads and inspiration for studying anatomy and physiology!

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