Respiratory System Lesson Resources

Respiratory System Lesson Resources

Welcome to our study with Apologia’s Human Anatomy and Physiology. Today, we are on lesson 6 – the respiratory system. No matter what curriculum you are using these respiratory system lesson resources can be a big help to you!



Videos – several respiratory system videos – animated cartoon about the respiratory system – animated video about the mechanics of the respiratory system


Respiratory System printable coloring page

Notebooking pages, experiment ideas and additional respiratory resource links from

Anatomy Notebooking Pages

Experiments and Activities

Test your lung capacity

Experiments to show the effects of smoking on your lungs

Make A Fake Lung

Human Anatomy Coloring Book


This is part of the Science Saturday series where we partnered with to share our journey through Apologia’s Anatomy and Physiology. Don’t forget to check out for downloads and inspiration for studying anatomy and physiology!

For the entire Science Saturday line-up, check out the Human Anatomy And Physiology Resource page.

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