Simple, Quick Science Activities

Too busy to plan a science project this week? Need something quick and easy. Here are a few ideas for you:

  • Take a walk in the back yard. You don’t have to hit the nature trails to observe nature. Just observe what you see and explore your own yard. You can even use these free Nature Printables for some inspiration.
  • Put up a bird feeder. My kids like to watch the birds out the window during meals. We keep bird books nearby to help with identification. Watch which birds eat from the feeder and which ones eat off the ground. Notice which birds can play nice at the feeder together and which ones scare the rest away.
  • Does it sink or float? Grab a few household items and a large bowl of water. Have the kids make predictions about what will float and what will not. Test their hypotheses. Have them come up with explanations.
  • Mix oil and water together in a glass. Ask the student what will happen when the two are mixed and why. Mix the oil and water and explain the concept of density. Try some other kitchen liquids like syrup or different types of oil and see what happens.

Have fun!


  1. 1


    Must do the bird feeder one again.

    Have you tried dropping marbles through different liquids? It is good to include syrup and watch to see which marble is fastest.

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