Slowly Falling In Love With Science

After last week’s repost of 10 Strategies For Developing A Love Of Science In Our Children (guest post from Maggie Hogan), I got several facebook and twitter messages from moms. They all wanted to know how to develop a love of science in homeschool mamas! Since I have always loved science, I really wasn’t the person to ask. So, I turned to my friend Stef at Educating Laytons. Stef is slowly transitioning from a hands-off, “eww gross”, science fraidy cat, to a “let’s try it”, “that’s cool” science admirer (not quite in love yet).  Here’s her story.


If you mention bugs, animals, or explosions to my kids they get all excited. Me – not so much. Two subjects I’d rather pass off to any substitute teacher: science and math.

Math I’ve been able to buy computer curriculum, but science continually falls back into my scaredy pants lap.

We started very slow with science – senses. Surely I knew enough about senses that I would not make a ton of mistakes.

As we learned about hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling, and feeling we learned more about our amazing human bodies. We constantly turned back toward The Creator of human life and praised His amazing design.

photo by Stef Layton

After basic anatomy we slowly learned about animals.

We couldn’t help but become amazed with the wonderful variety of each animal, the perfectly functioning food chain, and each unique habitat that best suits these animals. Zoology was another opportunity to praise God.

We went into outer space and learned about planets, stars, moons, and meteors. We discussed how everything “stays in place” because God spoke it into Creation. We looked at beautiful pictures from the Hubble Telescope and saw God’s creativity on display.

photo by Stef Layton

The more we learned about science the more we wanted to praise God.

Science is a great opportunity to see God at work in the world around us. Rather than have an indifferent attitude about science or fear it — we now can’t wait to learn more about our God. When we give credit to the Creator science isn’t so scary anymore. In fact science has been growing our faith.


Stef Layton is a homeschooling mom to two energetic superheroes. She has adopted an interest-led tactile learning style to best teach her hands-on learners. Married to a busy traveling man, they enjoy school on the road and many field trips. Stef is the author of Educating Laytons.


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    Randy Cacciola says

    I am new to this website, but couldn’t resist posting a comment. I love this article and how you point to the Creator. Isn’t it amazing how God gave us the incredible ability of learning about Him by studying the world He made. Objective science supports the Bible and the Christian world view. Oh how are kids (and us) need to understand this and learn to defend the faith in this area. Keep up the good work!
    Randy C

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