Tactile Tuesday

Homeschooling my daughter is actually pretty easy. She is a bookworm and absorbs information through reading. Our hands-on school work consists of quiet projects at the kitchen table, field trips or nature walks. This year, I am homeschooling my son….


This is the boy whom I have very few in focus photos of, because he never holds still long enough. He is a typical, rambunctious, high-energy BOY.  He is NOT going to sit at the kitchen table quietly or read for long periods of time. This boy learns by doing. Homeschooling him is a whole new ballgame (sometimes a literal ballgame!).

Tactile Tuesday

When Stef from Educating Laytons started Tactile Tuesday, I could see my son in those posts. She always has great ideas for making learning interesting and fun for tactile learners. Reading posts from those who link up, give me inspiration and hope for homeschooling such an active boy! So, I am honored to host Tactile Tuesday while she is Heading Out West. (You can keep up with her trip by following her trip on Instagram.)

Our Recent Tactile Learning Adventures

I kept Tactile Tuesday in mind while choosing homeschool activities for my son. We’ve had a busy, hands-on first two weeks!

At Wildlife Prairie State Park, he got to test his strength by holding a huge elk antler.

Hunting fossils at the Creation Museum was a great experience for our budding paleontologist.

 Getting to touch the sea creatures at the Newport Aquarium we’ve been reading about was amazing!

While learning about hurricanes, we did a little hurricane art.

While waiting for his sister to get done with her figure skating practice, he found a tree stump and wanted to know about the rings. So, he counted and measured. Impromptu science lesson!

Now the pressure is on to find more tactile learning experiences for the next couple weeks! Do you have a tactile learner? Link up your blog post or instagram photo about your tactile learning experiences.


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