Ten Cheap Science Resources

There are lots of cheap and free science resources out there. Here are 10 cheap science resources that a few homeschooling, blogging friends and I came up with.

  1. The LibraryAshley likes to check out books about a scientific topic that interests her daughter. I love the idea of going deeper into a subject that sparks the kids’ curiosity. It makes teaching and learning fun!
  2. National Geographic Kids WebsiteErin likes to use this site to study animals with her boys. National Geographic Kids has so much information and so many fun activities!
  3. Wild KrattsDianna and her kids share our love for the Wild Kratts show on PBS Kids. I swear our kids learn more from that show than all our reading and zoo visits! They are constantly telling me some crazy fact about animals they picked up from Wild Kratts. I am generally opposed to watching TV. However, I am finding a couple educational exceptions.
  4. NetflixStef and her boys like the National Geographic and similar shows on Netflix. We are new to Netflix, so I’ll have to check these out. We’ve checked National Geographic videos out from the library and the kids have really enjoyed them. I’m liking the idea of having them instantly.
  5. BillNye.com –  I used to love Bill Nye the Science Guy’s TV show. Colleen likes his website.  It is full of science fun and inspiration. I’m looking forward to checking it out.
  6. Steve Spangler ScienceColleen, also, recommends SteveSpanglerScience.com. This site has a science store, experiments and videos – tons of cool science stuff!
  7. Local Nature Centers – Who doesn’t like free field trips? Most local nature centers are free and full of science information. We have a couple near us with exhibits, trails and free or cheap classes.
  8. Ellen McHenry’s Basement – A Homeschool Scientist facebook fan shared this treasure trove of science with us last week- Ellen McHenry’s Basement. I’ve just started to look into it. So far, I’ve found experiments and lesson ideas for science, geography, math and more!
  9. Nature – Another facebook fan, mentioned perhaps the greatest free science tool – nature! This can mean your backyard. There is so much to see in the grass, dirt, trees and bushes. Curious kids will learn lots from an afternoon outside.
  10. Used Book Sales – I have found so many experiment, nature and science text books at local used book sales dirt cheap. I have resources for almost every subject my kids want to look into, at least at a introductory level. Just last week, I bought an old book about using nature to predict the weather (just like my Grandma used to do), an elementary physics book with simple activities for the kids and a natural history book about our state. All for $2!

What about you? Do you have any cheap science resources to share?

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    Marci –thanks for mentioning us! I have a friend who buys Christmas gifts for other peoples children from Steve Spangler Science — she says her gifts are always the coolest!

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    Thank you for including Steve Spangler Science in your list. We offer a lot of free science experiments as well as science supplies. We want everyone to love science or at least have an appreciation for it, because science is fun! We will share your list on our social media channels.


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