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using notebooking pages and giveaway

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One of the best tools I have found for reinforcing and documenting what we learn in our homeschool journey is notebooking. It is a wonderful, creative way for kids to essentially journal their lessons in a form that is fun for them and that can be looked back to later. We have used notebooking for nature studies, science, book reports, biographies and history.

notebooking example from

notebooking example from was one of the first notebooking resources we used when we started homeschooling. It was there that I really learned what notebooking was and how to use it in our home education. The enormity of the free collection of notebooking pages kept me coming back. This collection, plus monthly freebies, is available to anyone by signing up as a free member.

Lifetime Memberships

For the past couple years, I have been a free member downloading free notebooking pages to go with what we were learning at the time and if there wasn’t a page for that subject I either bought a themed package or copied a non-themed page and the kids added drawings and cut out pictures.

Debra, from Notebooking Pages, recently let me in on a little secret (actually, she lets everyone who stops by her site in on it, but I always feel like its just for me) – The lifetime membership is the way to go.

Debra offered a lifetime membership to me, so I could see why it is such a notebooking necessity. She was totally right. The lifetime membership gives you access to the entire past, present and future collection of notebooking pages (downloads). So, instead of buying packages as I go, I can pay for a lifetime membership one time and have access to it all. Much better deal! I don’t know why I didn’t become a Lifetime Member sooner!

Notebooking Publisher, also, has a Notebooking Publisher feature. I have been curious about it, but wasn’t quite sure what it was or why I needed it when there is already such a great collection of free notebooking pages, not to mention the unbelievable amount of pages available through the lifetime membership. When Debra at Notebooking Pages, offered to let me try it, I thought, “Why not.” I was still skeptical, but willing to give it a shot.


With the Notebooking Publisher web-based application, my kids and I are able to create custom notebooking pages for whatever subject we desire using our own photos or images from other sources. The kids are able to enter type text instead of printing them off and writing. That is a great feature for my eight year old son who has a lot to say, but would much rather type than write.

using notebooking pages publisher

My son actually asked to create more pages for his science later this week! This is a huge breakthrough!

notebooking publisher screenshot

The kids have been researching guinea pigs in hopes of convincing my husband and I that we should get one as a pet. They decided to use the Notebooking Publisher to generate their own custom notebooking pages to document their research.

When the pages are completed, they can be saved on web and  accessed from any computer. That is such a good thing in a house like ours with kids working on a couple different laptops.

Notebooking Publisher, also, has a custom copywork generator feature. This allows you to create custom copywork pages according to the line type and size you need. You can use this feature as a handwriting worksheet generator, as well.

Whether you use the pre-designed or blank notebooking pages, or if you use the Notebooking Publisher, I encourage you to try for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.


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    These are great notebooking pages! I fell in love with them after giving up on notebooking after not being able to find enough sheets in one place to use for my kids. With homeschooling 4, I needed different pages for different kids. Notebooking Pages has all I need in one place. Love it! (I’m not entering the contest, just sharing the love.)

  2. 4

    Jessica O. says

    I don’t use notebooking right now but would love to! I think these would add a lot to our homeschool day!

  3. 10

    Rachel says

    We’ve done about 2 pages but I’m going to be adding it into our work for the next school year.

  4. 13


    Yes. We are just beginning to use pretty paper for our notebooking pages. So this would be a wonderful addition to our school year!

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    MYNDI ORR says

    This might sound like a dumb question but don’t you pay a ton of money for ink for your printer if you are printing pages every day for all subjects? I would really like to do this but that seems very expensive

    • 21

      Marci says

      Personally, I don’t use notebooking pages for all subjects. We use notebooking occasionally throughout the year. I do know people who use notebooking a lot more that we do and they don’t use a ton of paper and ink. The reason is that some days they might print out several pages and other days they might not print out any. Does that help?


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