Why Are Endangered 

& What Can We Do About It?

Sea Turtles

Nearly every species of sea turtle are endangered, with three sea turtle species classified as critically endangered. At this writing, the Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle is the most endangered. So, why are sea turtles endangered?

The cause of their endangered status ranges from pollution, climate issues, and habitat destruction to fishing, poaching, and slaughter for their meat, eggs, and shells.

Interruptions to the nesting cycle are also contributing to sea turtles being classified as endangered.

Many sea turtle organizations work hard to protect the nests with corrals they construct around a nesting area to keep the public out.

Fill in any holes you make in the sand.

What can you do to help protect endangered sea turtles?

Clean up your trash!

If you see a sea turtle on the beach, stay away and don’t touch the turtle. It’s very exciting to see them but observe from a far distance.

Sea turtles face many natural predators, pollution, and other environmental factors, these small actions are what we can do to help endangered sea turtles.

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