In our build a circuit lesson, your children will learn what electricity is, how it flows, and how simple, parallel, and series circuits work! Plus, they'll make some fun light-up greeting cards.

In a complete circuit, the direct current flows from its power source, or battery, back to the same power source to form a complete simple circuit.

Let’s build a light-up robot!

Print the card template according to the directions in the file.

Step 1

Follow the wide lines on the circuit "template" and cut the copper tape to cover the gray lines.

Step 2

Start with the battery area and place the tape on the template.

Step 3

Once the copper tape is applied, flatten the wires on the LED out to each side.

Step 4

Tape each wire of the LED down to the copper tape

Step 5

Step 6

Fold the corner tab with the copper tape to touch the battery's positive side.

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