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In this fake snow activity STEM experiment, fake snow recipes are tested to determine the most snow-like recipe so kids can experience snow all year long!

Baking Soda White Vinegar Instant Snow Paper Towels 3 Bowls Small Containers Measuring Cup Tablespoon Index Cards Pencil Scissors Optional: Blue Food Coloring Gloves


Instant Fake Snow

Snow is formed by adding water to the powder until the powder no longer expands. When fully expanded, the snow has a fluffy, snow-like appearance, but there is no crunch and it cannot be formed into snowballs.

All that's needed is baking soda and water. Add just enough water to the baking soda to form a snowball shape that crumbles when squeezed.

Baking Soda Fake Snow

Paper Fake Snow

Paper snow is made by mixing small pieces of paper towels with baking soda and some vinegar. This recipe has the most “crunch” factor similar to snow.

Using the lab worksheets we created, compare and contrast the characteristics of all the types of snow. Our favorite was the baking soda and vinegar snow. What's yours?


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