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Getting started in STEM activities with your kids does not have to be complicated. The most important thing when planning STEM activities for kids is to provide opportunities to explore and test ideas. We want our kids to learn to problem solve

By experimenting with physics, kids can make their very own pendulum salt art and learn a little more about the science of pendulums. 

Salt Pendulum Activity

Building a craft with the right weight/size to sail ratio is tricky. The kids had to try several sail sizes, types, and positions.  Some sails work, but which sails work the best?

Build A Wind Car Engineering Challenge

LED Circuits STEM Activity

We took our fascination with lights and came up with a fun LED circuit STEM activity using LEDs, copper tape, and a battery.

Pop Rockets

Making a rocket with Alka Seltzer is, as you can imagine, a favorite activity for students! Plus, it’s simple and inexpensive.

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