Oxygen and Fire 


Oxygen is a vital component of the air in our atmosphere. We need to breathe it and it's necessary for combustion reactions, such as fire. In this oxygen and fire experiment, we will test the relationship between oxygen and fire.

Large glass jar Candle Matches Hydrogen peroxide Baker’s yeast 1 liter bottle A balloon A teaspoon Safety glasses


Add hydrogen peroxide and yeast to the bottle. Quickly place the balloon over the bottle opening and gently shake. You should now see oxygen bubbles forming.

The oxygen should be inflating the balloon.

Watch what happens to the flame.

Meanwhile, light your candle and cover it with the jar.

Light the candle again. Take the balloon off the bottle, keeping it pinched closed. Cover your lit candle with the jar again. Tilt the jar just enough to slip the open end of the balloon inside. Slowly, let the oxygen out of the balloon.

 What happens to the flame?

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