Beach Week Wrap Up

Beach Week Wrap Up - Educational Ideas - This post contains affiliate links. Have you enjoyed Beach Week here at The Homeschool Scientist? I don’t know about you, but it made us really want to figure out a way to get our land-locked selves back to the ocean!

I loved this week! Our kids really liked studying the ocean, because it was so new and different to them. They were inspired by our trip to the Gulf Shores area of Alabama. We don’t find many white sandy beaches or sea shells in the middle of these corn fields!

Here is just a bit of what we learned from our beach and ocean study.

What We Learned This Week

More Resources For Beach and Ocean Study

Here are some bonus resources to use for further study:

A Question For You

Thanks for joining us for Beach Week! It was lots of fun! I have a question for you. Do you like theme weeks? Would you like to see more theme weeks here at The Homeschool Scientist? I want to publish what you want to read! Linking up to the Weekly Link Up at


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      Marci says

      LOL!! That’s funny! I don’t know how you stay away from the beach, even with the annoying tourists :) I can’t wait to go back!


  1. […] Because of the drought, the pond was very low. This gave us a great opportunity to see what is normally covered by water. We saw dried vegetation, dried mussel shells and quite a few wolf spider looking for lunch. The mussel shell find was a great follow up to our mollusk study that we did as part of Beach Week. […]

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