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Sea Turtle Unit Study Links -
We are in the midst of planning our summer vacation to the beaches of Alabama this summer. I am really hoping to work in some science  while we are there without the kids even realizing it.

We are landlocked here in the midwest, so a trip to the beach offers so many new opportunities! I don’t want to push anything and make it seem like school. The interests needs to come from the kids. That is why I was so excited about what happened last week.

Interest Led Research

While my daughter was reading about turtles in her Apologia biology text, the size of the leatherback sea turtle really captured her interest. “I have to see a picture of these turtles!” So, we googled it.

She discovered lots of information about the leatherback turtles and many others. That led to a  few turtle conservation sites complete with tracking maps of various types of turtles. All of a sudden, my daughter screams “Turtles nest on our vacation beach!!!” Awesome. Just the inspiration I was looking for.

For the next hour, we looked at turtle pictures and downloaded information on the types of turtles we might encounter on “our beach” this summer. My daughter is so excited to learn about the turtles now that she might actually see one!

Sea Turtle Links

I thought I’d share some of our online finds in case you are heading for a beach that might have nesting turtles this summer or you just might have a turtle lover in your midst.

Sea Turtle Conservancy – THE site for sea turtle information. Find facts about various types of sea turtles. Track sea turtle activity. Discover ways people are helping endangered species of turtles.

Share The Beach – This organization aides in the conservation and protection of nesting sea turtles on the beaches of Alabama. Great info about sea turtles. Tracking information. The site, also, includes information on how you can help in the the conservation of sea turtles.

Sea World – Sea turtle information on the Sea World site

Build Your Own Sea Turtle – Sea turtle craft that teaches sea turtle anatomy

Magnetic Turtles– Hands on lesson on how magnetism is used by sea turtles

Lesson Plans – Sea Turtle lesson plans for grades 6-12 from

Sea Turtle Art – Sea Turtle drawing project

This is a great video of a nest of sea turtles hatching in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

YouTube Preview Image


  1. 1

    Laura says

    We love Alabama! We go to Gulf Shores every other year. Last year there was a nest of eggs right below the condo we rented on the beach! So much fun! Enjoy!

  2. 2


    My boys love turtles! They asked to learn about marine animals for our nature studies this year. These resources are so great, I’m pinning this so I can find it later

    • 3

      Marci Goodwin says

      Glad that you will be able to use this! You will have so much fun studying marine animals! That is always one of our favorites. We go back to them a lot.

  3. 4


    Great list! We’re doing the Apologia Swimming Creatures book right now, and we’re only a few chapters in. When we get to the turtles, this will be great!


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