The Lab Report – The Science of Waves and Beaches

Welcome to the Beach Week edition of The Lab Report sponsored by Apologia Science. All week, we will be talking beach and ocean science. So, grab your sunscreen and join us! 

How Waves Affect Beaches -

On our recent trip to the Gulf Shores, AL area, we noticed the beach in front of our rental house changed each day. The crest and face of the beach right in front of us varied in its slope. Some days, the crest was very apparent and others there was such a gradual slope into the ocean that we couldn’t tell where the crest was. Also, as we swam in the ocean each day, we noticed the sandbars seemed to change.

We we got home, we wondered more about this phenomena and wondered how we could test it. This experiment is a great way to replicate how waves of water might affect a sandy beach.

YouTube Preview Image

We tried this experiment a few times varying the size of the waves and time. The next time we do this we want to try gravel or rocks instead of sand. What do you think will happen? Will the results be different? Try this at home yourself and let me know your results.


For excellent explanations, charts and graphs about beaches and dunes visit

Wikipedia has a great overview of beaches as a landform and habitat.


Welcome to the Beach Week series here at The Homeschool Scientist. This series features ocean and beach science fun. Visit the other Beach Week posts.

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