Online Math Lessons with Uzinggo

One thing I love about bringing this homeschool blog to you is sharing great resources that can help you succeed in the home education of your children. Today, I am bringing you such a resource. This company gave me free access to their online product and compensated me for my time in order for me to bring you an honest review of their product. This company, also, wants a reader of The Homeschool Scientist to win a full year of their resource. Keep reading to find out how!

Online Math Lessons With Uzinggo, plus a great giveaway -

Both of my children enjoy computers and online games. There are several sites that we have used over the past 5 years of homeschooling that the kids have enjoyed using to hone their math skills, specifically. They are great for elementary math practice, but my 7th grade daughter has outgrown them.

Online Math Lessons With Uzinggo

After being bored with elementary math websites and other online programs, my daughter was skeptical about trying yet another. We were both hoping that Uzinggo would be different. I’m happy to report that it is.

Learn Geometry with

Over the past few weeks, my daughter has been exploring Uzinggo’s online math lesson. She’s been viewing math lessons that correspond to her current curriculum lesson, reviewing concepts and jumping ahead a bit to some new math concepts. I asked her for her honest opinion. Here are what she felt were the Uzinggo math lessons highlights:

  • Geared specifically for middle and high school age students
  • Thorough explanations and examples
  • Great for visual learners
  • Interesting graphics
  • Lots of concepts included
  • Great for explaining a troublesome concept in a different way than the textbook
  • Online testing
  • Keeps track of progress
  • Printables are available

We decided that although Uzinggo could be used as a total online math homeschool curriculum, it would best suit us as a tutor for concepts that my daughter is stuck on or to reinforce what she is learning through her math curriculum.

Online Science Lessons With Uzinggo

Math is only half of Uzinggo. Science is the other. Uzinggo has great online science lessons and videos. We’ve been just looking at them for fun. The graphics and videos capture the kids attention more than a boring text book. If I did want to test them on what they are learning from the lessons, there are printable worksheets and assessments available.

Learn about ecology with

Not all the lessons are just videos to watch. Some are very interactive. My kids both had fun learning about ecology by designing a panda habitat. Some science lessons include interactive experiments with student controlled variables. (This is great for those who don’t like the mess of real-life science!) This virtual learning environment makes these lessons so much more appealing to kids than a text book.

Get Uzinggo

Access to Uzinggo can be purchased on a monthly or annual basis and can be purchased for middle school or high school math, science,  or a combination of both.

Order any annual Uzinggo package and get 20% by entering the case-sensitive code HOLIDAY20. That’s a great deal for a whole year of homeschool math and science!

Uzinggo would, also, like to give one reader of The Homeschool Scientist a free annual subscription of your choice!! Enter via the Rafflecopter form below. Contest ends December 18th, 2013 at midnight CST.

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  1. We used A+ math for my daughter for a few months.

  2. Love that it has interactive lessons!

  3. Carrie Elsass says:

    We like to use Coursera, EdX, etc

  4. Michele White says:

    Sometimes just having something different to help review makes a huge difference!

  5. Rebecca Stiff says:

    My children have used and time4learning. I’m wonddring if uzinggo would be more effective for my middle-schooler.

    • Marci Goodwin says:

      We have used Time 4 Learning in the past. It was good for our younger child, but I would recommend Uzinggo for the middle schooler.

  6. Time4Learning has a wonderful high school program that’s new this school year. My 9th grader is using their program, and it includes science too. Working out well for us!

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